Nelson Avila      Broadway Star  ~ Tango Argentino  1985  &  1999/2000

         Forever Tango   2004

Film Star  Tango Bar

     Artistic Director and Star at the famous Argentine Tango Tourist Attraction El Viejo Almacen,   

Master Choreographer, Producer and Star in his World Class Tango Shows

 Tango'89 featured in Japan

Una Noche en Buenos Aires

   with Sexteto Mayor, Osvaldo Berlingeri and Raul Lavie

Campo And Ciudad Buenos Aires Tango and many more...


Argentine born,  Nelson Avila began dancing and performing Argentine Folklore at the young age of nine.

By eighteen, he began his professional career  in Buenos Aires, dazzling audiences in theater, television  and cinema.

For over six decades  and counting Nelson continues to bedazzle, charm and inspire.


                                                                      A Tribute to Nelson Avila

                                                                                              by Vic Cowley               Friend and Devoted Student

                                             Wherever he goes in the world of tango today, Nelson Avila is revered

                                        by amateurs and professional dancers alike as a true legend in   his own time.

              Nelson Avila was a star  in the original cast of Tango Argentino.  He and his dance  partner Nelida Rodriguez,   already renowned throughout Latin America, rapidly became world famous.  The show played to rave reviews throughout Europe, Canada and Japan as well as 59 cities in the US.  Audiences included the royal and the famous: Princess Diana, Jacqueline Kennedy, Ann Miller, Rita Moreno, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Rudolph Nureyev, Burt Reynolds, Kirk Douglas, Dustin Hoffman, Robert DeNiro, Liza Minnelli, Katherine Hepburn, and Placido Domingo.  Nelson is a member of the fourth generation of the “Academia  Nacional del Tango.” He  trained many professionals, actors and dancers including Rita Moreno, Sharon Stone, Linda Cristal, the  Russian dancer Vasilev, Anthony Quinn and Robert Duvall.


             Tango Argentino was the first Latin Show presented on Broadway and was twice nominated for Tony Awards for best musical, best choreography, and best costumes.


             Nelson starred in Forever Tango on Broadway in 2004 and traveled with the Company to Rome, Chicago, Toronto, Philadelphia and Detroit.   In 2006, he danced with Che Tango one of the best known Tango companies in Buenos Aires.  Now based in New York, Nelson continues to excite audiences, performing with his wife and  partner Madalyn a passionate tango, ballroom and social dancer, who brings elegance, charm and passion to their performances.

              Nelson is renowned for his artistic contributions to the tango.  He is an innovator of dance steps that are famous for their intricacy, beauty and elegance.  Nelson has the strength of a great athlete and the beauty of line of a grand master of dance.  He can perform all styles of Argentine dance from early folkloric dances to the latest tango nuevo.  Some involve only rhythmic foot work; some the historical styles of the grand milongueros.  Nelson has the artistic integrity, rhythmic precision, strength, carriage, elegance, musicality and originality to that put him at the pinnacle of his profession.